Olympus C-5060 Mode Control

I have an Olympus C-5060 camera. It is a neat little camera because it is a wide-angle unit and has a threaded lens for accepting filters. While it is not a digitial SLR it has many of the feature of my dSLR in smaller form factor. (There are times where I don't want the bulk of my dSLRs, or when a point & shoot is more appropriate, or when one of the kids wants to snap a couple of photos.)

I stopped using a couple of years ago because it started acting weird. Not all of the buttons would function properly. Recently I noticed that if I lifted up on the mode control a little bit it would act normal again.  

---Hmmmm... time to Google a bit.  As it turns out this is a semi well known problem.

Take a look at:

The mode control unit is replaceable at a repair shop or better yet you can do it yourself:

I ended up ordering the part from a camera store in San Diego via eBay:

The repair is not too hard. It took about 30 minutes and the instructions in the PDF were spot on. I am excited to be able to use this camera again. It does a pretty good job for a 5 megapixel camera. I have been using it for the pictures on the website recently when I need a shot from the camera stand.