Since I am not using the radios in my shack this morning I decided to turn on the K2 and let the Ubuntu machine that runs the shack decode WSPR signals on 30m.

I planning to spend a little bit of time over at the work bench this morning so I thought I could help out other folks by letting my system do some decoding and posting while I solder in the other room.

When I turned it on around 10am central either the band was extremely active or there was some band enhancement... it was wall-to-wall signals.  It is kind of funny, I can also see some QRSS signals at the bottom edge of the screen. Look at the snake like signal. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

I don't think that I have ever seen the sub band this active.  I probably should design a dedicated receiver that can just listen and send the audio to a machine (or VM) to do decoding.  When I am working during the week my radios sit inactive most of the time.

73 de NG0R... headed over to the work bench.