End of March 2010 notes

Random Notes about March 2010
  • March 2010 had no significant snow in our area. That is a first in over a hundred years of local record keeping.
  • Birds started nesting and actively hanging out around the house on Monday 3/15.
  • We planted our tomato and pepper seeds (indoors) on Monday 3/15. (8 weeks till planting.)
  • Our ground has largely been frost free since mid March. (We live on a hill so we are generally about 2 weeks ahead of the surrounding communities where it is flat.)
  • Jacob and I spent Thursday night 3/25 at the Science Museum of Minnesota along with about 200 other 5th graders from Dassel-Cokato Middle School. (Think of the movie a Night at the Museum.) Yes, we CAMPED out in the museum in sleeping bags overnight.
  • I heard the frogs talking on Monday 3/29. There is a medium sized marsh across the corn field from us... they are loud enough for us to hear once they become active for the season.
  • We brought the camper home from Storage Wednesday 3/31.
  • We removed the snow blower and three point blade from the tractor on Wednesday 3/31.
  • I saw my first two mosquitoes of the season today Wednesday 3/31.