Photo Projects

It has been a while since I experimented with HDR photos.

Some examples of what an HDR photo is:

I have been pondering some ideas for new photo projects. (Like I really need more projects in my life at the moment.) I have been feeling self aware that I have not been shooting nearly as many photos over the past 12-24 months. One of the things that I miss from my film days was shooting Velvia E6 slide film with polarizing filters and/or gradient/split neutral density filters. I was always trying to push the available latitude of the E6 film.  Back in the day, I shot primarily two different styles.... B&W and ultra contrasty E6 chromes.

It might be time to revisit HDR as a way to bring a similar feel to my digital work.

In the past my most rewarding photos (to me personally) were rural America route 66 style images. Travelling the roads of places like North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Colorado shooting a wide angle lens with some chrome loaded in the camera was pretty magical.

Thinking out loud... some photos projects might be slowly bubbling near the top of my to-do list.

(Yeah.. Yeah, I know that I need to get the photoblog and gallery up on the new web server after the migration.  It is buried on the to-do list some place.)

Here is a non HDR image from a couple of years ago. --Spring on the North Shore of Superior