XV432 Night Two

I put in about 75 minutes or so tonight. (I wish I had a bit more time.)

The transverter is pretty much done. The remaining piece is the final power transistor as the case is put together. I will try to tackle that sometime on Monday as it only take a few minutes to finish that up.

I am not sure when I will do the final alignment testing. I need to build the serial cable to hook up the XV144, XV222, and XV432 together. I also need to extend a serial cable from the shack to where next room where the transverters and amps live. (I have a coax patch panel in the next room to reduce the mess in my office, provide some flexibility so that any room can  be a future radio room, and to give me centralized location to disconnect the coax in case of a lightning storm.)

I actually need to test my Elecraft K2 on SSB prior to aligning the transverters and integrating them with the amplifiers. I have had the SSB board in my K2 since it was built but I have never tested it, nor have I even hooked up a microphone to that rig... it has been CW only so far.

I would guess that I probably have about 5 hours into this kit with all of the starting/stopping and distractions. With some luck maybe I will have it on the air over one of the next couple of weekends as time permits.

73 de NG0R