XV432 Night One

I worked on the main RF board tonight off and on 10-15 minutes at a pop.

The board is slightly different than the ones for the XV144 & XV222. While very similar there are subtle differences and you can probably pick some of them out from the picture.  :-)

So far the construction is going ok. There were a couple of parts that I had hard time finding that appear to be in the finishing bag instead of the main bag which is slightly different that the parts bags for the XV432. Most people would probably not notice the inconstancy in the part bags because they are not building two transverters back to back.

I should be able to find an hour or two on Sunday to spend on this project. I am getting down to the inductors, filters, and some other small parts that were hidden in the "432 finishing" parts back like a 2 watt resistor. I think that kit will should largely be assembled tomorrow (Sunday.)

73 de NG0R