XV144 Night Two

The main RF board is coming along nicely on the Elecraft XV144.

N2BEN is pleased with our progress for the day. We are getting to the hardware pieces
like BNCs, DB9, and the final RF stage. The parts box is starting to look a bit empty
after today's progress.

I did run into one issue. They did not ship any .01uF capacitors. I went through the
parts bags a few times and the shipping box.  Ok,  no big deal as I probably
have a bunch of them in my parts boxes stocked up for other homebrew projects. Arghhhh....
they are a different size leg width than the 100 that I have have on hand from a recent
parts order. I then hunted around a bit more and found a bunch of ceramic disk capacitors
of the proper value with flexible legs in the bottom of my capacitor parts box.

I will wait to call Elecraft about the issue until I finish the project in case they
show up stuck in side of another bag as I finish this unit up. Once this unit is done
we have a XV432 kit to build so it will be interesting to see if that parts bag looks

PS.... I found the small envelope of capacitors. It was stuck to the envelope for the thermal pads. Once I got to that step on Night three I found them... go figure.