30m Oscillator (night 4)

I made a few changes tonight and feel pretty positive about the limited time that I had to work on it.

Today's notes:

  • I removed the tank circuit and replaced it with a resistor on the collector of Q1.
    (The oscillator should now be a wide band design for future projects.)

  • I re-biased Q2. (This morning before work I built a spreadsheet that helped me better
    understand the values of the components and the impact on the transistor.)

  • The loudest harmonics are now about 42dBm down. (The two loudest are the 6th &
    7th harmonics.)

  • The power at the output of the filter is about -10 dBm or .1mW

  • I updated the schematic with the changes.

Next steps:

  • Move this to a copper board with islands or Manhattan pads

  • Design an additional gain stage (or two)

  • Research "class AB" and "class C" amp options