Softrock Ensemble Afternoon 4

So... how do you test a Softrock Ensemble RXTX when the software is designed for Windows and you are running Linux?  (Ok... I am running Ubuntu 10.10)

I fired up Oracle (Sun) VirtualBox and launched a virtual machine running Windows XP.

I downloaded the various drivers and software packages listed at:

Once my laptop was ready I moved it to the workbench near the test gear. I connected the Softrock to the laptop with the USB cable, then I configure the USB pass-thru (right click on the USB icon)  so that XP could see the USB port, then XP prompted me for the driver location.  It took all of 60 seconds from connecting the cable to XP finishing installing the driver.

I ran the various setup and test steps with no issue. I connected a test probe between the SDR PCB and my oscilloscope and then my frequency analyzer.  As I changed the frequency in the software it would change on the scope.

That test step was extremely uneventful... very nice.

73 de NG0R