PreScaler Ideas (PIC Freq Counter)

I am thinking about using a prescaler attached to a PIC to get a simple frequency counter. I would suspect that it would just become a "module" that I include in some other design projects later. Initially I need to get a working sample. Target range would be 1mhz through 400mhz.

This table shows what the math might look:

One component that I am looking at is a MC12080:

I have seen some other folks using the MC12080 as their prescaler. I would assume
that there are some other options if I hunt around a bit.

The image below is from the AA0ZZ PIC-EL
III manual as simple circuit for a simple frequency counter.

I need to layout a schematic and then put together a parts list and visit Digikey.
I think that these are all common parts that I can order from a single source. 
Getting the parts will be easy... the code to make this work in the PIC might be quite
a bit more complex.