RF Power Meter Project

N0FP and I are investigating RF
power meter ideas. There are a lot of designs based upon the AD8307 A to D converter.
Many of the design variations originate with the W7ZOI design.
I decided to convert his design from the June 2001 QST article into a TinyCad schematic.

The image above is my first pass at the initial schematic capture. I might be missing
components or have typos in there... but this is the starting point. (Click on the
image and it will open a larger version with more detail.) The initial schematic
was not too hard. I had to create new parts for the AD8307 and the LM386 but that
only took a couple of minutes. I probably have about 60 minutes or so of time into
this schematic once I filter out all of the interruptions.

We are looking at prototyping this project and potentially adding some features to
make the design our own. I suspect the analog meter is not long for this project but
I will hold back on some of the new ideas until we get a bit further down the road
as there is quite a bit of research and testing to do before we get too crazy.

If you are interesting learning more about this project or participating please ping
me directly.

73 de NG0R


Some follow-up notes on 2010-01-10:



Roger has a nice update to the original W7ZOI design that was published back in 2001.
I have other design and feature ideas so I don't think that I am going to order/build
Roger's design but will instead likely work through something on my own path.

73 de NG0R