K2 - Transverter module - Night 1

I assembled the module before dinner and then applied the changes to the RF board
after dinner. The unit powers up with no warnings so I think that it is going to work.
I will need to go thru the 40/60 alignment steps and then test the transverter power
out piece as well.

Frankly I am tired enough tonight that I don't feel like pulling out the stuff that
I need to do the final tune-up and testing tonight. (160m/Top band is sounding awesome
as I type this up.) I think that I am going to call it a night.

I will probably do the alignment and tune-up after I install the AF Out mod. Maybe
I can tackle this on Saturday or Sunday this weekend. That would officially finish
my K2 project. At which point I can try to operate the K2 on a semi-daily
basis and move onto the next project. (I have lots of projects that have been on hold
while I finish the K2 project.)

The 60m/transverter module probably took about 2.5 hours of bench time to