Geocaching 2009-02-08 Loading Up!

I just loaded about 3000+ locations into my TomTom One 3rd Edition as POI (Points
of Interest.) I am using a series of Pocket Queries from to
get the raw data in GPX format.

I then use GPSBabel to merge
and filter the multiple GPX files into a single GPX file.

I then convert that large GPX into the a GeoCaching.ov2 file for my TomTom. I also
make .csv and .html versions as well. This all takes just a couple of minutes to do
all of this and then move them to the TomTom.

I am really struggling with how to filter them for my Garmin 12 that only has 500
way-points of memory space. Clearly I need a more modern GPS with some more RAM. In
the mean time I am messing around with GPS Buddy to filter and load that data as well.

We are going to hit the road in a few minutes for a day of rural America photos
and some geocaching!