Memory Upgrade

I decided to spend $40 and add 4 GB more ram to my Linux server that acts as my VMWare
host on my home network. The machine now has 8gb of RAM and is running Ubuntu 8.10
64bit server.

Top stats before the upgrade with just 4gb:

Top stats after the upgrade with 8gb:

Here is what the Guests look like memory wise
about 20 minutes after the reboot:

It appears that Linux is really building up the cached memory after adding the extra
sticks to the motherboard. It will be interesting to watch this over time.

VMWare server 2 thinks that it is only consuming about 1gb of RAM but the stats from
TOP look misleading at the first glance. It looks like about 1gb of App
space + about 4gb of Cache for a total of 5gb in use.