Ubuntu 8.10 + VMWare server - Patch Scare

I decided to patch my Ubuntu server this morning. This server also is my VMWare host
for about 7 virtual machines running on my network. Running the upgrade was not a
big deal as the Ubuntu updater is pretty solid. My fear started when it asked to reboot
the system which made me a bit nervous as it could mean a kernel update.

I rebooted only to discover that my VMWare host was no longer starting the VMWare
server bit.

(Insert horror music here.)

Initially I thought that maybe it the VMWare bits were not set to auto-boot... but
I found several hits while searching that pointed here:


So I updated /etc/init.d/vmware with the notes. No luck. 

I then started hunting thru the logs without any obvious errors showing up.

Next I figured out the commands to manually start/restart the VMWare bits and final
got an error that I could use: Module vmnet is not loaded.  

After some unsuccessful searching I decide to rerun the config script. I was suspecting
that I probably got a minor kernel upgrade and that was the root of the problem.

sudo ./usr/bin/vmware-config.pl

That was the magic. Rerun the wizard and all is well. I then rebooted the system again
to validate that the guests would restart shortly after the host restarted.