MMTTY with Linux

Call me old school if you will but I prefer my RTTY to be FSK hard keyed.

I already had my serial interface setup to allow my Icom 756 to be hard keyed. This
works great with Windows (XP in my case) and MMTTY but I have not been able to find
a Linux program to do the same thing. So far everything that I found has used AFSK
with the audio card and PTT line. Today I was pondering if I could get MMTTY to work
with Linux with Wine. As I searched on the Internet the results did NOT look very
promising. Heck I have only ever setup one other application under Wine and that was
earlier this week and it was a single EXE with no additonal files.

I downloaded the current release of MMTTY which is v1.66G. I already had Wine installed
on my Ubuntu 9.04 pc in my shack. I clicked on the MMTTY installer and it ran and
launched under Wine just fine.

Sure enough I have AFSK with MMTTY using Wine on Linux. But I really want FSK.

There is some magic.  Setup your comm port and then go to the TX port options. 
Set it so that Com-TXD is selected and change the USB port options. (This is not a
USB-->Serial adapter. I have a really 4 port PCI serial card... but the settings
still apply)

Then in the USB port options I tested each of the following options A,B,C,D and with
various levels of success. Ultimately D was the proper setting for me.

I exited MMTTY (to make sure that my settings were saved) and then relaunched it with
successful results. No freezes or delays. It is real time funcitonality and it does
not drawn down the CPU resources on my CPU. A couple of percent CPU is all that I
am seeing from MMTTY running under Wine.

Many people would ask why I really want to use FSK hard keying. I have a very good
350hz CW-RRTY filter in my radio. It is a mechanical filter... no DSP. When I operate
DX or contests I prefer the tight bandwidth that the 350hz filter provides. AFSK is
ok... but the FSK is pretty bullet proof in tough conditions based upon previous operating
experiences. I will see over time how well this works under Linux.

FLDigi is a great program. But sometimes I miss MMTTY for RTTY and now that appears
to be an option with Linux.

73 de NG0R in EN25ue