PSK-31 QSO with CO2XZ

I had a nice QSO with Gene in Cuba today. This was my first PSK contact on 20m since replacing my XP machine with the new Ubuntu machine in the shack.

Gene was working people at a pretty nice clip. He would chat for 10-15 minutes and
then someone else would be there waiting for the next QSO to begin. I would love to
see some pictures from Gene showing his QTH, his shack, and the surrounding areas.
I have always wanted to visit cCuba. I thougt that it would be a neat place to spend
a couple of weeks photographing the area and culture.

FYI... I am trying to post this from the Ubuntu PC running Firefox with the Scribefire
plugin. I used Gimp to resize the photos.

73 de NG0R in EN25ue