Installing Mint

I was messing around on my network this afternoon and needed to connect to a VMWare
machine to tweak something. It got me thinking that I have not gotten around to testing Mint yet.
(I have quite a bit of Ubuntu running
on the network around the house already.)

Since building a VM is pretty quick I connected to the web console and defined the
VM container and pointed it an ISO image. It boots to the LiveCD image in a matter
of a few seconds.

The install is running right now. It will be interesting to see how it looks and what
is built into the base. I like the Debian and Ubuntu distros
that I have played with so far. If the VM looks good I might use it to build a machine
for my kids to get their feedback.

Our poor kids (3 boys) are really multi platform kids.  The use Mac's in the
Elementary School, XP at the Middle School, XP & Linux at
home. In fact they rarely even use the XP laptop... most of their computer time is
spent on one of the Ubuntu machines
to play games and do their home work.