Geocaching with Garmin 12

Using the GPX file from the earlier blog posting I was able to get it loaded into
my Garmin 12 gps. This GPS is pretty old but extremely reliable.

I downloaded the eval edition of GeoBuddy from:

It is a pretty neat program while pull up the details and maps for each cache as you
click on them. It is also design to track and update you info on

Right now I was just looking for an easy to load the data into the Garmin 12. The
only magic was that I had to the change the "Interface" options on the GPS so that
it would look like a Garmin host. I am not sure why is it will accept NMEA sentences
directly. --Whatever... I was able to push the data to the GPS.

I am still considering what tool I am going to use on an ongoing basis. I would prefer
a free or open source tool and I don't really need this many features. If I can't
find a simpler/cheaper tool I will spend the $49 to buy this one.

I would prefer to use something open source since for the GPS 12 since I will probably
end buying a BlackBerry with GPS and then end up buying the Geocaching software on
for the crackberry.

For a 10+ year old GPS it still does a pretty good job. It is incredibly rugged which
is a requirement when you have 6, 8, and 10 year old kids hiking with it.