Installing JBoss 4.0.5 on Ubuntu Server 8.10

We are doing some work with JBoss at work. It got me wondering about how to install
this and play with it at home on one of my Linux server VMs.

Here are the basic steps that I ran tonight.

Get a JDK

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-JDK

Download a JBoss install

wget ""

Make a place to store the install bits

sudo mkdir /home/jboss

Install the bits

java -jar jems-installer-1.2.0.GA.jar -installGroup default installpath=/home/jboss

Set the environment variables

sudo nano /etc/profile


export"export JDK_HOME="${java_home}"

export PATH="${JAVA_HOME}/bin:${PATH}"

logout then back into pick up the path.

Manually start JBoss

cd /home/jboss/bin

sudo ./

Test the


Default User

user: admin

pass: admin


Some of the places that I found notes on how to do this:

I have two minor issues to work out here:

1. The Java_Home info is not quite correct.

2. I think that I need to change the permissions on the /home/jboss directory so that
I can run this without using sudo. Not a big deal as I have only
been working on this for a few minutes.