K2 - Day Twenty Four... sort of

I have lost track of how many days I have spent 30-60 minutes here or there trying
to track down a low power/Hi Current issue.

It turns out that I had two issues:

1. Low power... about 4-6w instead of 14-15w. After looking at and touch every component
in the PA Bias and PA circuits it looks like there was something wrong with T4. I
am not sure what... but the problem has been resolved.

2. High Current... looks like L16 and/or L17 in the Low Pass Filter was the problem.
I removed them and rewound them.

I spent about 6 hours working on the radio today. (About 4 hours of testing... about
2 hours of construction/repairs.)

I am happy to have a working radio. I hope to be able to spend a little time tomorrow
tweaking up the 10m/12m power levels and then button up the radio.

I am ready to move on to the ATU and SSB module kits next.  :-)