Virtual Machine Construction

Here is what my screen looks like as I am building some virtual machines.

In the background you see the VMWare Server 2 via it's web interface.

In the lower left you see a Putty/SSH to my Linux Host showing TOP stats.

On the right side of the screen you an Ubuntu 8.10 workstation install.

Kind of a geeky weekend. When it struggles to reach zero (outside temp) for one
or two weekends in the Minnesota winter it is ok to stay inside and geek out.

My 8 year old built his first PC this weekend while I was upgrading my VMWare server.
We will get rid of at least one PC... maybe more with the VM infrastructure.

I also managed to get the Windows and Linux machines integrated this weekend. I have
filesystems mounted between the systems. This might be be beginning of the end for
having Windows Server running at home now that I am sharing data between the systems
fairly transparently.

The goal is to move the workstations/laptops probably to Macs and use Linux as the
server environment. I actually envision the server environment going away over time
as well. I will probably move everything to VMs or NAS as I slowly down size our world.