Off Center Fed Dipole Day 2

After a couple of
hours of cutting... then walking up to the deck to take measurements... then
doing it all over again.... it appears that 3 bands is it for this particular design.
I started out with 71' of wire at ~25 of elevation fed at 80% from the end. 
I am now at something like 13.75 + 50.25.


10m = 2.5:1 @ 28.1
mhz  (best @ 29.1)

15m = 1.6:1 @ 21.05
mhz (best @ 21.2.)

20m = 2.2:1 @ 14.05
mhz (best @ 13.7)

40m = 16:1 @ 7.05
(doesn't happen)


There is a model
for that will work for this OFCD to cover the four bands with a little bit of tuning...
but it is not going to happen today. It appears that
I will need to make a second dipole just cut for 40m.

My two Field Day 2008 antennas will be an OCFD (for 10m, 15m, and 20m)  +
a 40m wire dipole.