Field Day 2008 - Prep

I spent most of the day with my son Ben working on getting prepped for Field Day (next weekend.) We built a nice 4:1 transformer with a 1:1 current balun. The goal is that it will the center piece of an Off Center Fed Dipole. The goal is to be able to cover 10m, 15m, 20m, and 40m. My real goal is 20m+40m... anything extra is well... extra.

My initial attempt covers 10m + 20m well enough to not need a tuner... 15m is very
workable with a tuner... 40m is not going to happen. (It was based on a 66' model.)

I am going to try a second attempt tomorrow (Sunday) based upon a 69' model in an
80%/20% split. According to the model it should work. We will see what happens in
the real world.

My backup plan is to use a 20m dipole and second one for 40m or go to a G5RV. Since
I will be operation QRP in campground I need my antenna to be as efficient as
possible. Second thing is to minimize the amount of antennas... I will be in a campground
not an antenna range.

More antenna testing tomorrow with the kids.