K2 - Afternoon Nineteen

I had an issue with the 40m and IF alignment. After talking with Elecraft support
to get an idea of where to look I discovered that R12 on the control board was missing.
It turns out this is tied to the same issue I had with R11. Someone had sent me an
email early in my project stating that R11 and R12 were no longer required. Both are
critical pieces of the control board. Once I installed R12 things were back on track.

I heard my first CW and SSW signals on my K2.

I am now in the Part 3 Assembly Steps. I just completed the first batch of resistors.
It is time to clean up for dinner. Maybe with some luck and I can try to squeeze in
some more bench time through-out the weekend.

Right now it is not looking too likely that I will have the K2 completed for Field
Day. As a backup plan I ordered a 350hz filter for my Icom 706MKIIG. The 706 will
be my Field Day 2008 rig if the K2 is not complete.