Linux & Windows Fun

I took Friday as a PTO day so that I could work on a project at home today.

While working on my project at my electrical workbench I wanted to listen and
watch some podcasts. So I boot up the linux
on the workbench that had been off for a while. I then proceeded to
patch the system. Once that was complete I figured that I would be good-to-go.    --Wrong!

It turns out the players on the system did not have the proper codecs. So after a
lot of searching & testing I stumbled across (again) VLC.
What a great program. So after adding the package I figured that I would be good-to-go.    --Wrong!

It turns out that VLC will
not attach to a SMB folder. This is a problem that I have seen before. Since I am
not a die hard Unix guy it took a little bit of Googling to figure out what to do.
It turns out that I needed a few more pieces of Samba installed
so headed off to the package manager again. After a bunch of messing around I finally
got the Samba connection to work properly. I then reformatted my commands so that
it could be added to the fstab. After a bit more testing that was working properly.
I then created a symlink so
that it shows up in an easier to access location.

I then discovered that the Linux workstation did not have an SSH service installed.
(I wanted to be able to SSH in from my XP laptop in my office.) So I went back to
the package manager and downloaded and installed the OpenSSH service.

I then download Putty and PSCP on
my XP laptop.

A lot of messing around so that I could listen & watch some podcasts on that Linux