Roo Season is almost here

We hope to take the Rockwood
out this weekend. You would sure think that by first weekend in May the weather
would be nice enough to hit the road.

The forecast for this weekend is looking iffy right now. Rain on Thursday and Friday
with a chance of snow Friday night. Low 50's on Saturday and mid 50's on Sunday. We
are only going about 75 minutes away for a short shake-down trip to Sibley
State Park

......but still that weather is well, yuck. 

I changed out the batteries in the smoke and CO2 detectors tonight. I also packed
up some of the blankets and sleeping bags and put then in the storage under the couch.
I spent some time looking around inside and planning some storage mods for the 2008

I am reserved but hopeful that we can hit the road on Friday afternoon for Sibley
State Park