Fiberglass Mast ideas & notes

I am thinking about some antenna ideas for Field Day and camping with our trailer. I
am thinking about using a fiberglass push up mast to hold up a vertical wire for an

KitesOnline - Anothe recommended source:

Ebay Search for Fiberglass

Notes on the dk9sq mast:

dk9sq mast info:

I am using this blog entry as a place to capture some notes as I search for info.
I am thinking of ordering the 32' HD from KitesOnline. That will get me in the ball
park for 40m and the higher bands. I will need to work out some sort of base fixture
and radial system. N0FP is suggesting an elevated system.

I think that I will need to order some parts and then setup an experiment out in my
driveway to test and tune this idea. I will need to design some sort of
simple feed point balun, step-up transformer, and simple match with a coil (for 40m)
and variable cap.

Additional notes: The dk9sq mast uses carbon fiber which absorbs RF.


PS: Reformatted and reposted on 3/30/2008. The original eBay link was messing
up the formatting of the rest of this page.