K2 - Night Eight & Nine

I got a little too positive and it caught up with me. I was working through the initial
alignment process and ran into a problem with the side tone test. --No Side Tone.

It took 2 evenings, several emails, and a second set of eyes to resolve.

It turns out that tone used to come from U6-25 and is now coming from U8-4. You
have to know to change the value in the menu.

The second part of this issue was that someone had sent me an email early in the build
process with a note that R11 & R12 are no longer needed in the Control Board assembly.
I highlight that portion of the instructions and updated the notes in my book. --R11
or a jumper in-place of R11 is required for the side tone to work. It is in the middle
of the signal path.

When time permits I should be able to finish the initial alignment and move onto the
next portion of the assembly process.