2008 MNQP - Ben's first contest

Ben and I spent some time on Saturday working the Minnesota QSO Party. Ben is 7 years
old and this was his first time operating the radios for any period of time. He operated
SSB and I handled the logging and coaching duties in addition of a few CW contacts.

It is not a power house score... but we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves... it
is a hobby after all.  This was the first time that I had actually used the triband
beam, 40m dipole, and 80m shunt in the same contest. Overall I was pretty happy with
the antennas as they seemed to play fine.

Ben was pretty excited about using the radios... now I just need to work on getting
his brothers into the shack. I would like to try to setup a sched with someplace exotic
like the south pole weather/science station.