K2 - Build Night Three

After the boys went to bed (it is a school night... lights out by 8:30p) I went down
to work bench to melt some solder. I have the control board finished up.

Of course when I went to validate all of the test points with my DMM... the batteries
are toast and I don't have any spares. I had to fall back to an older Fluke bench
model DMM. I don't really trust the older Fluke because I picked up used and I have
not built relationship with it yet.

The point of validating the test points in this step is to look for shorts in the
soldering at some key points. There do not appear to be any shorts... but some of
the values do not match what the book says.

I am going to take this with a grain of salt until the real check out phase of the
control board later on. (By then I will have some new or rechargeable batteries in
my main DMM)

I have to say that it was a blast being able to spend an hour or so working the K2
kit project tonight. It will probably be Saturday or Sunday before I can get back
to project as we have family plans for Friday night.

I am trying to make this a more regular project every night or every other night.
(Otherwise it will never get done.) I would really like to have this on the air for
Field Day. Better yet, I would like to have this done so it can start driving my VHF/UHF
transverters which is it's real purpose in the life.

(I will try to post some pictures this weekend if time permits.)