K2 - Day Twenty One & Twenty Two

Thursday was day 21. I spent the afternoon trying to trouble shoot
an RF issue. I built the RF probe and poked around the radio while I was on the phone
with Scott @ Elecraft HQ. It is hard to poke around some of the RF amp sections because
the bottom cover/heat-sink is in the way.


Saturday was day 22. I went over to N0FP's QTH. He has an O-Scope.
Between two of us we went thru the schematic and compared notes with the O-scope readings.
We were seeing RF thru the entire chain where we were expecting it.... just not enough

Using the scope we able to measure the DC and the RF. His scope was fast enough that
we were able to see a lot of detail in the RF. Even though T3 tested out properly
it looked like the likely problem. I rewound it and put it back into the circuit.
I also borrowed some small heat-sinks that would fit on the PA transistors so that
we could test the radio without the rear cover.

I am now seeing the proper amount of RF coming out of the rig. I need to take one
more pass thru tuning up the Band Pass Filters. Once that is done I need to test the
output of each band to make sure that all looks good.

At this point it looks like the circuits are playing as expected. Next phase is to
hook up the speaker and close up the case then the basic build is complete.

I have the SSB and ATU option kits to put together next.