Xtratyme Down Again

So tonight I am trying to download a small Debian Boot ISO. My rural wireless ISP
(Xtratyme) disappears in the middle of the download. I am so stuck.... Xtratyme is
the only semi-broad band option out here because Embarq will not deliver the T1's
to our local switch to enable DSL. (The switch does not get any closer to me short
of being in my yard.)

Xtratyme has a bunch of nice people there... but I need a higher level of performance
than they can provide and I expect a higher level of transparent support when the
network is down.

Generally speaking when I find that their network is down and call the support line:

  • The recorded message say that there are no outages.

  • Then no one will return my call

  • Then when I call back 30 minutes later the recorded message has been updated with
    a BS message... regardless of the outage being 10 minutes in duration or half a day.

  • Then they rarely return my original support call nor acknowledge that there was an

  • If they do acknowledge your call they make you feel like an idiot for complaining
    that their network is down.

What a crappy deal... no competition between the
vendors... and the level of service and performance shows that lack of competition.

Maybe I am spoiled by working most of my professional career in Fortune 200 firms.
My internal clients expect a lot from us (rightfully so) and I expect a lot from the
people & partners that I work with.

My rural example show a complete & total break
down in the competition that the free market should provide in a de-regulated environment.

FYI... 40 minutes after my initial call to the support they finally call back... and
they are COMPLETELY clueless that they had an outage nor has the support person
even listened to my support voice-mail.  ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!