Flip Romney

I have a new name and slogan for Mitt Romney.

Flip Romney - He
will tell you what ever you want to hear.


Current race observations:

  • Huckabee is leading Thompson in my mind. I wish Thompson would give me some reasons
    to get behind him.

  • Obama and Clinton all but drown out Kennedy.

I would like to see Kennedy vs. Huckabee or Thompson and that is not too realistic.
I would be really interested to hear some good debate among them on how to move the
country forward.

The Democrat's have a real dilemma:

  • Clinton is an old school Democrat but probably knows how to
    get things done. She represents an aging America full of baby boomers.

  • Obama could provide inspiration to a new generation. But there
    is a cross section of people that feel that he might be too dovish in a world that
    has conflict.

The Republican's have dilemma:

  • They are not the party of fiscal conservatism any longer.

  • They are divided between the social/religious right and a group
    of moderates.

  • Huckabee seems to be a new force within his party. McCain
    is likeable but his window came and went 8 years ago.