Big Weekend

Talk about a busy weekend!

Ben had a wrestling tournament on Sunday that consumed most of the day on Sunday.
He wrestled 3 times for a total of 18 minutes. He took third place in his weight/age
group. He had two very close matches that were within 2 or 3 points each.

I spent the rest of the weekend working on getting the VHF/UHF and microwave gear
integrated for the VHF contest next weekend. I now have 50, 144, 222,432, and 1296
integrated. I am still a pop gun station but I am hoping that EN25 will be a popular
grid once we get the contests where the rovers are move active. (Who can afford
to be a big gun during a recession?)

I am hoping to add 902 this spring. I also need to get the 10GHz system put together.
Getting the 10GHz system mounted on the HF tower (that is where I have spare wind
load available) this summer will take some design effort.

I am pretty excited to be able to get back on VHF/UHF and best of all it is from our
new QTH.  --Go forth and emit RF!