Cool photo trip

I finally got around to working with the images of the photo
trip that I took
with Jacob. One day+400 miles=13 really good images. I am pretty
pumped about the images from that trip.

Our family went camping last weekend (May 18th, 19th, and 20th) at Fort
Ridgely State Park
. Overall I was pretty disappointed with the photo opportunities.
I still need to transfer the images from the CF card to CDs before I will look
at them. I suspect that are probably three or maybe four good images
from the trip.

It is getting harder for me to find new images in our local area. The interesting
thing is this project is driving me to explore new areas of the state and
also to shoot images outside of my comfort zone. Shooting outside of my comfort zone
is now opening my mind to new ideas.

Back in the days when I was tv photojournalist I had to work with whatever was
in front of me. The beauty of that model is that you learn to make it work... you
don't have much choice other than to make it work. After a while it is not so hard
to get the image. I am noticing that I am slipping back into my photojournalism model
which in my case is a documentary style.

I have noticed that I am thinking further into the future about what the next photo
might be or what elements it might contain.