Saturday Photo Trip

Here is the approximate
that we (Jacob and myself) took on yesterday's photo trip. We decided to
head in a northwesterly direction to visit some area that we had not seen before.
We had a good time and hopefully captured some good images.

We shot pictures of: horses, trains, windmills, old farms, flowers, old cars,
farmers in the fields, and a Dairy Queen in a small town.

It was a pretty interesting day because it was a grabshot approach vs. a genre approach
to my photos. The grabshot approach is a little more challenging for me because it
is completely random and the subject matter is completely different with every picture.
I am uploading the images to my network right now and then need to burn them
to DVDs. Once all of that is complete I can actually open them in Photoshop and see
how they turned out.  If I get 4 images that I end up posting to my blog
then I will consider this road trip as successful.