Weekend Photos

Another interesting weekend of photography. I have been building the habit of getting
up early on weekends around 5am. This gives me enough time for a quick shower and
then to get on the road hunting for early morning photos.

Granted I like to shoot sunrise/sunset photos, but the are lots of early morning photo
opportunities that do not include having sol in the frame. It is just a matter of
me investigating my surroundings.

I got a little nervous this morning because I was running late, there was a cloud
deck to the NE that was washing out the light, and I was not finding a good photo
subject for this morning. I was working my way up and down the county roads (many
of which are gravel) looking for photo opportunities.

I ended up with a nice railroad bed photo and some windmill sunrise photos. I
am transferring the images right now from the CF cards to my network so that I can
burn them to DVD before I start working with them.

I am hoping for two good images from my Saturday morning trip and two more from this
morning.... fingers are crossed!