Test from ScribeFire on Ubuntu

Welcome to Ubuntu 6.10,
Edgy Eft!

I am testing this from Firefox on Linux.

-Follow-up:  It looks like it works. The Tool seems upset about something related
to categories. Not a huge deal since I don't use categories.  More testing to
follow when time permits. I also need to see how to turn off the a pesky branding
that it inserts into my posts.

--Follow-up: I think that I found an option to turn off the branding. I also found
some category settings that I am playing with.

---Follow-up: It will not let you change the post title after the fact with DasBlog,
it also failed to delete a previous post even though it said it was a successful. 
It is an ok tool for posting to my blog from my Linux/Ubuntu laptop... but I would
like to find something better yet. (It is a good start.)