New Soldersmoke Podcast #51

I am very excited to see another new episode of Soldersmoke sitting
on my network this morning.  I enjoy listening to Bill and the group of people
that following this.


March 25, 2007 Moj's e-music. AmateurLogicTV#12. PiccoZ Helo. WA7MLH's site.

1.6 Mhz IF as a transmitter trick. Chinese listeners? .rss files fixed. My evolving
HB,Class A, feedback amp, CW, .5W transmitter.  BANDSWEEP: On 17 meter SSB with
EA8EQ. MAILBAG: Pete, W6JFR, describes a realworld troubleshooting problem. Arv, K7HKL,
updates on BITX20 kits.  Thomas, LA3PNA, describes current projects.  


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