Fedora 8 Download Issues

I have been trying to download the Fedora
8 DVD iso image
for almost a week. The first couple of times I was downloading
directly from the Fedora
project website
. The download would get to 2.4g and then fail. It is supposed
to about 3.18g. I have a moderately slow Internet connection (512/256) so this takes
almost a day every time that it fails.

So then I decided that I was going to try to download it at work across the big pipes.
(Since I am working on a Linux project at work this seemed like an OK use
of company bandwidth.) I am typically only in the office one day a week. I was pretty
busy on Tuesday and forget to start this until about 4pm. The first couple of mirrors that
I tried were only give me +/- 1mb of connectivity so this was still a multi hour event.
I did not have that much time left in my day so I canceled the download.

I am now trying this again from home on my day off. (Burning up PTO time over the
holidays.) I am going to try this via FTP from the U
of MN mirror
since it is my closest site.

So in another 16-20 hours from now maybe we will see if the download works.

My intent is to work through the process of creating a scripted/automated install
process for a Red Hat based install
and a Debian based install of Linux.
I have built several of these for Windows Server based platform in the past. We have
a project at work with Linux we are going to explore doing the same thing. I will
not be doing the hands on for this project, but I will still have an engineering/architecture
overview to this.

-Frankly I would like to know the know the nuts & bolts of the scripted process
so I am going to work on this at home.  :-)