Fall Projects

N0FP came over around lunch and acted as my spotter as I lowered the HF tower. I worked
on the HF tower today fixing a 10m element and adjusting my 40m dipole. About 20 minutes
of tuning but quiet a bit more time once you rig the tower and hookup the tractor,
etc.  (I worked on the VHF/UHF tower and the 222MHz system yesterday.)

I bought five trees and 15 bags of mulch today since things are discounted 30%. Zestar
Apple, Crab Apple, Choke Cherry, bali cherry, and an Autumn Ash. The Autumn Ash turns
red and purple in the fall similar to a Maple tree.  These are all decent sized

Pretty nice sunny weekend... temps were cool so a light jacket was in order. I have
almost all of fall chores done... about another day of work and then we should be
ready for the winter season.

--Reposting because it went to wrong blog... go figure.