Cinelerra - Working

I finally got Cinelerra working on my Ubuntu laptop after 2.5 hours of messing around. (Read
the previous post for the notes on what I did.) It loads up and looks like typical
video editing package. (My digital video editing background is on Sony and Avid nonlinear
systems for the broadcast TV world. I have been editing video for about 20 years.)

I am accessing my Ubuntu laptop from my XP laptop while I am running the install so
the video refresh is a little slow. I will need to load up some video on a USB hard
drive and attach to the Ubuntu laptop locally. I want to test Cinelerra on Linux vs.
Adobe Premiere Elements on XP.

Premiere Elements is a very good consumer package so Cinelerra has a lot to live up
to. (My other option is to consider moving to the Mac.)