Attack of the birds

We have been having intermittent problems with our forced air furnace this fall. It
is a Rudd Achiever 90 Plus. I was noticing that Induced Fan Blower Motor was not always
spinning up or it would overheat and cut out.

This morning the upstairs portion of the house was 65 degrees compared to the
68 degrees in the basement. The basement floor has in-floor heat so it is normally
68 overnight and 70 during the day. The whole house was being heated by the basement
floor.... not good.

I call my Heating/AC/Plumbing guy down the road that did the original install 2 years
ago when we built the house. He suggested that I remove the subsystem because he thought
that there was a dead bird inside the PVC vent or right at the blower motor.

Sure enough Sam was right on the money. As it turns out this is a common issue with
the Rudd system because there is no filter on the vent.  It took me 10 minutes
to remove it, clean it, and reassemble it.  --Don't doubt Sam.  :-)