Frustrating Internet Connectivity - Updated

painful night
of Internet connectivity. speed test
result on 2006-09-03 20:03:04 EST:

470 / 4

Your download speed : 470 kbps or 58.7 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 4 kbps or 0.5 KB/sec.

  • I am seeing 22ms of latency to
    my next hop on the wireless network with 1% packet loss. That is awesome considering
    how far away I am from next radio.

  • I am seeing about 26ms of latency to my
    's web server with 2% packet loss.

The network
and packet loss tonight are better than average but it appears that
there is some sort of upstream issue with my ISP again.
Arghhh... they are really nice people but I am dying a slow death here.

Just for grins I ran another test a few minutes later and got

475 / 22  Arghhhh!

Let's hope that I get moved to the new tower sometime soon.