Frustrating Internet Connectivity

Argghhhh.... I am getting frustrated with my current ISP Xtratyme. They
are very nice people but seem too busy to follow through with supporting my account.

I live in Kingston,
which is in rural central Minnesota about
an hour west of the Twin
. There is no cable or DSL to my community. (You can get DSL north or south
of me a couple of miles away.) My local phone carrier is Sprint/Embarq who
has no interest in providing any advanced services other than basic dial tone.
I can get ISDN to
my house but Embarq will not provide any services like Internet on top of the ISDN service.
(I would prefer one provider.)

I am right on the fringe coverage area of two wireless ISPs:

Xtratyme and BroadBand-MN

With Xtratyme using
a 512k account I am seeing 450/120.
Upload speeds are brutal often in the 30-50k range.
It makes general web activity pretty rough let alone working over a VPN, uploading
content to my web site, or any decent VOIP activity.

I maybe forced to hunt for another ISP or other connectivity options if we can't get
this resolved ASAP.