Return of the rant

Ok… I am a complete and total slacker. My blog has not had any new posts in
almost a year.


We had to fix up our previous house to put it up for sale.

We sold our old house.

We built a new house a LONG ways away.

I spent 12+ weeks on the road last year for work. (Big Project)

I spent a LOT of time working on the new house. (No yard… lots of landscaping)

I blew up the engine on one of my tractors which impacted all of my projects.

We started working on finishing the basement of the new house.

I am all consumed by work…. another big project for this year.

I drive 110 miles a day round trip to work.

I rebuilt the laptop that had my favorite blog software installed.

Ok… it is pretty obvious that I have some time management issues to deal with.

End of the test posting. I think that software is working properly again.