StarWars DVD Disappointment

The original three Star
movies were re-released on DVD last
week. My family happens to own a very well used sets of VHS tapes of the original
three movies. The other night Jacob and Ben decided that our family was going to watch Star
after dinner. I decided that the time was right and we would watch them on DVD!

We drove over to the local Best
store that is only about 5
minutes away from our house
. Almost every single person in the check-out line
had Star Wars in the their hand. After waiting in line for about 10 minutes we finally
were able to check out. It turns out that the $51 sticker price was being discounted
in store to about $45
which I thought was a decent price.

After returning home and eating dinner with our family we decided to start the movie.
I was immediately distracted with the wild colors and the changes in the audio experience.
I found that the color shifts and increase in the color saturation was too much. I
watched the movie with the boys for about 20 minutes and then fell asleep on the couch.
I woke up near the end of the movie to discover that George
had added extra shots and dialog to the DVD version of the movie.

The changes to the movie proved to be very distracting to a movie that used to fell
very comfortable with. I would have been very happy with a clean print of the original
movie reproduced on DVD.  In the end I am very disappointed with the changes
and George Lucas.
If I would have known about the changes and the distractions I would not have spent
the money on box set.