nGallery Fixed

I was able to finally resolve my problem with nGallery on
Sunday. (I want to post my pictures from my weekend trip with my son.) After a bunch
of research and several really good emails from people on the nGallery
List Server
I was able to fix it. As it turns out the Network Service account
needed List access to root of the D:\ drive.  It needs to be able to determine
the directory and programmaticly build out the path/dir structure in order to
be able to create the new directory.

This problem seems to be common to .Net using this particular call for creating directories.

I took a little it of time and patience given that I am no longer hosting my
own servers. I am used to being able to work on these issues myself. I have to admit
that my friend Shawn was
very helpful and patient working with me on this issue.

I am pretty happy to be able to post pictures to my
new website
. I am working on getting the galleries setup
and populated.