New Digital Camera

About two weeks I bought an Olympus
digital point and shoot camera. It is 5 mega pixel camera which is some
what modest by today's standards. I actually own quite a bit of photo gear.

It is kind of funny to look back and think about all of the other gear over the
years that I sold and traded for other gear. (Some other Nikon and 645 gear.)

I have to say that 5060 takes
some great pictures.
I have started to really work through the various settings on the camera. Additionally
I have bought some new glass filters for the camera. The filters really help me produce
some of my signature
style images
 and allow me compose pictures in much the same manner as
I do when I shoot
. Granted the camera is not a dSLR but I am very happy with the end result
at a fraction of the price of another dSLR.  I suspect that I will probably still
upgrade to a newer dSLR at some point in the future as I really prefer the feel and
performance of a SLR body.

The 5060 has been a real joy to work with so far!